Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thanks for looking

As you can see work is setup on the tabs above.

Sketchbook Doodles - Is just what it sounds like.  Little doodles, pages from sketchbook, exercises and such.

Drawing - Somewhat more finished stuff, including some attempts at oil painting and some digital stuff.

Sony Computer Entertainment America - I worked at SCEA from 1997-2008 mostly on their NBA basketball franchise.  A lot of that would have been on PS1 and PS2 titles which are obviously pretty dated.  The samples are only from the PS3 version.

KillspaceEarly - In 2008 I joined Killspace Entertainment as a core member responsible for most of the character art.  I have divided the Killspace work into 2 groups because I feel that, although the cinematic teasers were awesome,  most of the earlier game demos we did were a bit rough.

KillspaceLater - Later work done at Killspace.

I am currently seeking work as a Senior Character Artist.  Please review the art/models in the tabs above, hit the comments button and let me know what you think.  Or better yet, email or call to talk about work.

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